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12 Good Examples Of 1st Grade Worksheets Free Download

1st grade worksheets are a great way to learn a basic lesson. On 1st grade student learn a simple lesson, such as learning to count and read simple sentences. Besides, students also learn additions and subtraction. Write sentences, and learn to use the proper punctuation also learned in 1st grade. Helping students improve their skill, is teacher task. The teacher can use our free worksheets to improve student skill in reading and writing. Also, we add some first-grade math worksheet to help children learn simple mathematics.

In this article, not all images in HD format. But, some worksheets are in HD in PDF and Doc format, so if you print it you will get a good result.

1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Here, we give 1st grade reading worksheets to help students improve their reading skill. The worksheet includes a simple story with some question about the story. Downloading our reading worksheet is easy. Choose our printable worksheet formats: images, PDF, or Docx, print it then give it to your students.

1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Multiple Choice
Above is simple 1st-grade reading comprehension worksheet with multiple choice question. First, read the short passage, and use it to answer the questions. Second, circle or cross the right answer.

Download & Print: Image, PDF, Docx
First Grade Reading Worksheets with StoriesIn this reading comprehension worksheet, ask your student to read the wholes stories. There are 6 questions, 5 true or false questions, and one essay question to answer.

Download & Print : Image, PDF, Docx
Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 1st Grade With Questions Before answering the questions, read the short passage first.

Download as: Image, PDFDocx

1st Grade Writing Worksheets

Here students will learn how to write a word or sentence. Writing worksheets including answering a simple question and write a short story.
First Grade Writing Lessons WorksheetsTo complete writing lessons worksheet above, the student must write 3 new year resolution. one for home, second for school, and third for them self.

Download & Print: Image, PDF, Docx
Writing Sentences Worksheets for 1st GradeAbove is a simple writing sentences worksheet with Thanksgiving theme. Use space below each sentence to Rewrite the sentence.

Download Printable Writing Sentence Worksheet: Image, PDF, Docx

Writing Complete Sentences First GradeThere are scramble words on the worksheet above. The student must write a complete sentence from the scramble words. Use the picture on the worksheet, as an illustration, to help form a sentence.

Free Download: Image, PDF, Docx

Form a Sentence Worksheets for 1st GradeAbove worksheet is like a previous worksheet, only with pig photo as an illustration. Both worksheets are about build a simple sentence from scrambles words.

Download: Image, PDF, Docx

1st Grade Writing Prompts Worksheet As you can see on 1st-grade writing prompts worksheet above, there are two types of answer. First, by drawing pictures on the left box. Second, by making a short sentence. But, the teacher can choose whether students must answer both or choose one.

Download Prompts Worksheet: Image, PDF, Docx

1st Grade Writing Activities Worksheet Above is simple 1st grade writing activities worksheet. See link below to download the worksheet.

Download as: Image, PDF, Docx

1st Grade Math Worksheets

Math worksheets for 1st grade are include addiction, subtraction, and counting forward worksheets. To illustrate, here we will give some math worksheet for you. Also, we will add more worksheets with an attractive image in the future. Like other worksheets before, we will provide PDF and Microsoft Word format, so you can print it.

1st Grade Math Worksheets Common Core
The worksheet above is common core worksheet for 1st grade. The student will learn additions and write the correct digit.

Download free as Image, PDF, Docx

Below is a sample of subtraction worksheet. We already include both questions and the answer in the PDF and Word document.

1st Grade Math Worksheets Subtraction
1st Grade Math Worksheets Subtraction Answer

Download as: Image, PDFDocx

1st Grade Addictions Math Worksheets

Raindrops picture on the worksheet can be use to help the student answer the questions.

Download: Image, PDF, Docx

Thus are all 1st grade worksheets that you can use to teach your student. You can download it for free then print it for your student. We will add more first-grade worksheet in the future. Not only for 1st grade but also for kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd grade, 4 grades, 5 grades, 6 grades, and other grade worksheets.

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