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Fun Games to Teach Sight Words for a First Grader

Understanding sight words are very important for first graders. Sure, it will be an essential milestone in reading. The reason is that the purpose of reading is to read fluently with good comprehension followed. Then to make children understand these important words, parents or teachers usually play a fun game. So, here are four exciting activities to learn 1st grade sight words.

1. Using 1st grade sight words flashcards

Flash cards can help children develop their sight words vocabulary. This card is also low-priced, and you can create it at home. To make that cards look more attractive, you can get it vibrant. You can also make personalized flashcards sight words for your little one. That is because every family has different sight words in their daily life.

Colorful Flashcards Samples 1 :

Download : PDF, Docx

Colorful Flashcards Samples 2 :

Download: PDF, Docx

Blank Flashcards Samples with instructions :

Below is blank  sight words flash cards. to fill box with your keyword, download the PDF file then read the instructions.

Download PDF

2. Go Fish!

The second way is Go Fish. To run this game, you need at least 30 cards. Then, share five cards with each player. In this game, a player must look for two or four cards to form a set of sight words. Therefore, prepare one or several sets of sight words first.4

Download: PDF, Docx

Download: PDF, Docx

3. Play Bingo

Bingo is not just for adults. This game is also suitable for first graders who are learning to read. Playing bingo can help children build a vocabulary of sight words. So as usual, make a matrix with five rows and five columns. Instead of using numbers, use sight words to fill them.

Sight Words Bingo Template 1:

Download: PDF, Docx

4. Scavenger Hunt

To start this game, you must make a list of sight words. Then, make a sticky note that matches each word on the list. Ask the children to find sticky notes somewhere at home or in school. Finally, match the word with the appropriate word on the parent list that you have created.

Want to practice the interesting games above? For more details, here are some of 1st grade sight words worksheets that you can try at home.

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